15 Days of Intention

15 Days of Intention

Day 1, January 6th: Old Story, New Story


Day 2, January 7th: Cast THEIR Vision


Day 3, January 8th:  All Aboard the Bright Train! 


Day 4, January 9th: Who are you going to open the door for today?


Day 5, January 10th: Your Story


Day 6, January 11th:  Events drive your business.


Day 7, January 12th: Awareness of Your Beingness


Day 8, January 13th: Choose VS. Have To


Day 9, January 14th: Just say NO to Banging Your Head


Day 10, January 15th: The Anatomy of a Class


Day 11, January 16th:  The Lifeline of our Biz - Essential Rewards


Day 12, January 17th: The Juicy Sauce


Day 13, January 18th: Lights. Camera. Action


Day 14, January 19th: Sharing is Caring


Day 15, January 20th: Final day



CHALLENGE THEMSELVES: Heroes often pick their own challenges in addition to those thrust upon them. 

They also tend to consistently pick difficult or 'seemingly impossible' challenges.

COMMITMENT: Nearly all Heroes are driven by a worthwhile cause or goal... whether it's human rights, spreading love and saving souls, or raising responsible, caring children who will one day make a difference on this planet.

COMPASSION: Real Heroes value all forms of life with reverence, awe and compassion.

CONTRIBUTION: Most Heroes live for the purpose of contributing to others. People like Albert Schweitzer, Stephen Covey and Ralph Waldo Emerson all expressed that their greatest satisfaction came from their contribution to others.

COURAGE (Confront their fears): Heroes go forward despite their fears because their commitment is even stronger than their fear.

FORGIVENESS: Heroes view the ability to forgive as being a virtue, and therefore exercise it frequently and effortlessly.

GIVE MORE THAN THEY TAKE: Beyond contribution, Heroes recognize that the truly blessed are those who give, and that no one will ever be truly poor who gives more than they take.

HONESTY: Heroes pride themselves on being honest (with themselves and others) regardless of the consequences for being so.

INTEGRITY: Heroes live by a firm adherence to a code of empowered values and ethics.

LEADERSHIP: Heroes lead without asking for permission. When they become committed to a cause, they simply take it on. 

They take responsability for making it happen. They lead by example and they create more leaders.

LOVE: The ultimate Hero has a genuine, unconditional love for others, as well as for themselves.

LOYAL: Heroes rarely abandon a duty or a person that they have a commitment to, regardless of the circumstances or consequences.

PERSISTENCE: Once committed, Heroes never, ever, ever give up. They are unstoppable.

PRINCIPLES: Heroes live by the Principles of Empowerment, such as: integrity, loyalty, tolerance, honesty.

RESPECT: Heroes treat others with respect, even those with whom they disagree.

RESPONSE-ABILITY: Heroes rarely blame, make excuses or allow themselves to become victims. Heroes live by their word and feel accountable for doing what they say they will do.

RISKS: Heroes are willing to step out of their comfort zone. They realize that risk is essential for growth and are even willing to risk their lives for others.

SACRIFICE: Heroes make great sacrifices in order to be true to their beliefs and commitments.

TRUST: You can put your trust in Heroes, knowing that they will do what is right.  

UNSELFISHNESS: Heroes consistently place the needs of others as being equal to their own.