International Grand Convention 2021

Convention Opener


 Mary Young - Divine Destiny


Joe Cannon - A Company with Vision


Jackie Skinner - Foundation Updates


Jackie Skinner and Josef Young - One Voice Essential Oil



Prasad Gankanda - Rising Above Adversity


Sarah Bjorgaard - The Power Of Thought




Dr. Jetae Woo PhD - The Next Era of Seed to Seal



Dr. Oli Wenker - Frequencies and Energy



Farm Managers - Return to Our Roots



Jacob Young and Chris Packer - Finca Botanica Collection



Wendy Ogden - Charcoal Mask, Shampoos, Lushious Lemon Launches



Brant Bishop-Rising From Strong Legal Foundations


Carey Lohrenz- Keynote


Convention Close - Mary Young - Raise Your Frequencies


Dr. Chad Goodman-Ancient Einkorn


Gabby Sanchez-Your Story-Your Key To Success


HK Lin-Young Livings Scientific Legacy


HK Lin & Varun Koneru -Thieves Scrub & Golden Tumeric

[VIDEO: f0jbebtif3]

Lynn Biesinger - Understanding Recent Comp Plan Changes


Products and Workshops:

Bethany Shipley - Continuous Growth



Chris Opfer - Insider Business Trends



Next Level Natural Nutrition - Golden Tumeric 


Next Level Natural Beauty - New Products