Japan Market

By law, online enrollment is not allowed. The following information details out how to enroll with a paper packet and a pre-paid envelope.

The Basics:
In order to enroll someone, they need a Gaiyoshomen number. This number is only given when the paper packet enrollment containing all company info is received by the Tokyo office in a prepaid envelope. Once all info is sent in, then they get online access. The Tokyo office is the only entity issuing unique numbers, the "gaiyoshomen." So no photocopies of other packets are accepted. They will only be mailed out or given out at the front desk.

How to Get a Registration Pack:
  • Step1: Sponsors need to send an email to “younglivingjapan@youngliving.com”
    with their name & ID #, and a new member's (an applicant's) Name / Address / Phone # in Japan. Then we will send the Registration Pack to a new member's (an applicant's) address in Japan directly.

    However, all the following materials are written in Japanese. If there are any questions, please email us. We will get back to the new member(an applicant).

    Contents of Registration Pack:
    • Whole Sale Member Application Form
    • Product Guide
    • Autoship (ER) Program Guide
    • Product Order Form
    • Autoship (ER) Program Order Form
    • Stamped Return Envelope
    • Price List
    • *432 Yen. 0PV

  • Step2: Young Living Japan will send Registration Pack directly to a new member(an applicant). The shipping fee is 500 yen per shipping address.

    The total amount will be charged to sponsor's credit card on file. If you don't have a saved credit card information on file yet, please save it before you send a request email to Young Living Japan.

  • Step3: Sponsor's name will appear on the Pack Slip (invoice). A message will be “This is sent to you upon a request of “Sponsor's Name”.

    Questions from a new member(an applicant) will be answered by YLJ staff.
How to Sign up as Whole Sale Member in Japan:
  • Step1: After a new member(an applicant) receives Registration Pack, please tell a new member(an applicant) to fill out the Whole Sale Member Application form. If any question, please email us.

  • Step2: Next, tell a new member(an applicant) to fill out the Order Form. If new members want to register as Whole Sale Member, they are required to purchase Basic Starter Kit or Premium Starter Kit in their initial order, and if they also want to start Autoship (ER) program, they need to purchase at least 50PV.

  • Step3: Enclose both the Whole Sale Member Application Form and the Order Form together in the return envelope, then mail it to Young Living Japan.

    Young Living Japan Inc. Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg. 32F, 2-6-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 163-0232