Team Bliss Story Videos

Kimmy Brooke

  • Single Mom with no time and no money
  • Built a business during her lunch break
  • Found financial peace, security and love network marketing


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Symantha Rodriguez

  • Mother of three
  • Full-time, top producing Realtor
  • Young Living is her side-hustle


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Steve Szabo

  • Former Video Editor with no time to spend with his family
  • Now able to build his life on his terms
  • Instead of leading separate lives, Steve and Susan work together toward their vision and goals


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Susan Szabo

  • Former professional artist
  • Introvert (on a mission)
  • Found her voice and passion in YL


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Colleen Riddle

  • Personal Trainer and business owner
  • Using YL to reach their dream of travelling the country in a luxury RV
  • Proof as to why having a Plan B is so important when the unexpected strikes



Becky Ford

  • Former Corporate Accountant
  • Busy mom of two
  • Was looking for purpose and found it


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Adam and Vanessa Green

  • From a town of, worked split shifts as a personal trainer to pay the bills
  • In just 7 years, created a 7 figure annual income … all before turning 30



Erika Eberhart

  • Spinning Instructor and professional Cyclist
  • Left behind her six-figure government job for more freedom
  • Gets to do the things she’s passionate about while building in YL


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